Marriages may be made in heaven, but it is certain that they must be made grand, warm, traditional, contemporary and thoroughly enjoyable right here on earth. Easier said than done to make marriages grandiose, fun-filled and truly satisfying for all, requires a head for logistics like that of a battle-hardened general, and infrastructure and manpower to manage the whole grand affair. At a cost, which satisfies all the parties concerned.

At the Gokul Garden, we have the wherewithal to make every moment of the marriage ceremony truly moving and memorable – from the pre-wedding rituals and gatherings to the actual wedding celebration and the reception thereafter.

All marriage parties at the Gokul Garden are organized in the Gokul Garden, our banquet facility. It’s a spacious and elegant banquet hall that can easily cater to up to 1500 people in an air-conditioned environment Special Mandaps and the priest can also be arranged. We offer attractive flower decorations, the services of renowned D.J’s to accompany the dancing, and the latest music to add the vital charm to your function.

After all, it’s one get-together wherefrom the bride and the bridegroom will leave as one soul in two bodies. And we would like to make the memories of which last to a lifetime.